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Who is copper wine & craft spirits

Copper Wine & Craft Spirits, a distribution company, located in The City Of Gold, Johannesburg.

We specialise in unique Boutique Wines and Craft Spirits from all around our beautiful South Africa.

We strive to bring you, the consumer, unique and award winning Boutique Wines and Craft Spirits to your doorstep.

And it as easy as the click of the mouse.

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The Old Packhouse Distillery is situated on a farm near Tzaneen in South Africa and produces artisanal Gin. Only the finest ingredients are used in our handcrafted small batch gin. Our gin exemplifies country living

One33 craft rum is inspired by the freshness and beauty of the Eastern Cape, and honours the Eastern Cape’s early inhabitants, its treacherous coast and its rich fauna and flora.

25 Years ago, Neels Marais started brewing mampoer from home. He started to experiment with brewing and distilling Rum and Gin after that and so the Flocking Fabulous range of Gins originated.

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Meerhof Grenache Rose

A beautiful soft Rose with the flavours of ripe summer fruits with a tantalising crisp finish, and with a Double Gold Michelangelo Awards this is a wine not to miss out on Ideal gift for Valentine’s Day.

Juicy ripe plum and black cherries on the palate with aromas of spice and freshly crushed black pepper. Refreshing after-taste.

Seven Springs Syrah Rose

Light salmon in colour, this wine is not light on the flavour front. Flavours of watermelon, candy and grapefruit with a fresh yet elegant acidity.

A wine that lingers and entices you to indulge in another sip. Easily enjoyed on its own, but beautifully paired with canapés, fresh salads and ceviche or sushi dishes. Serve chilled at 10°C. 

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distributors of Boutique Wines and Craft spirits.

We pride ourselves on our passion and dedication, with a flair for Personal Customer Service not only to our boutique farms and craft distillers, but our valued customers as well.

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Send us a message and we will get in touch to discuss your distribution needs.

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