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Welcome to brackenhill craft distillery

In the spirit of true craft distilling we will be celebrating the diversity of Africa in their products. Just as the African Nguni cattle are all individually unique in colour pattern, they intend using a variety of heirloom African grain varieties in their fermentations for the crafting of individually distinct Gin. 

True Craft – Where Science drifts into the realm of Magic!

Amabala Nguni Dry Gin

A traditional dry gin with juniper berry, angelica root, sweet orange peel, coriander and cardamom – with a contemporary twist of lemongrass and umsuzwane; making this one of the most refreshing gins in Africa. Best served with a classic Indian Tonic and with a slice of lime and cucumber, allowing the flavour to develop from the gin.

Umsuzwane: Their Signature Botanical

Part of the Verbenaceae family, umsuzwane (Lippia javanica) is a hardy shrub with aromatic leaves and small clusters of white flowers. It is also known as lemonbush, giving the gin its distinctive lemon undertone in both aroma and flavour. The plant is widespread throughout large parts of Southern and East Africa– ranging from the Eastern Cape northwards into Mozambique, Malawi, and Kenya.

Umsuzwane is well known medicinally to many African people. The leaves, twigs and roots are used in traditional medicine by the Xhosa people (who call it ‘inzinziniba’) as a general health tonic and to treat coughs and ‘flu.

The overarching ethos of BrackenHill Craft Distillery is to incorporate our African heritage into producing the finest quality spirits. They are one of a few distilleries in South Africa that focuses on using historical heirloom varieties of African grains in their fermentations that form the basis of their Gin.