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About Deetlefs Wine Estate

A maiden voyage from Europe on 3 October 1752 was the start of a legacy and set in motion the story of the 2nd oldest wine estate in South Africa owned by the same family. Each of the seven generations contributed in their own unique way since 1822.

The second oldest family owned wine estate in South Africa, Deetlefs is steeped in seven generations of history since 1822. Situated at the foot of the Du Toitskloof Mountains in the Breedekloof Valley, in the small town of Rawsonville, the land has firmly become a part of the estate, vineyards and wine.

As seventh generation Owner and Managing Director, Kobus Deetlefs has continued to carry on the family traditions and bold individual approach of wine making, instilling a culture of consistency and strength in everything they do. Sustainable growth and well structured, clear guidelines and policies are important to the estate and are reflected in the production, bottling, packaging and efficient supply chain management of the wines.

Deetlefs currently produces three different ranges of wine, each with a unique story and specific purpose. The ranges include Deetlefs Familie, Deetlefs Estate and Stonecross. Since 1994 the focus has been on international markets and today more than 80% of the wine production is exported, taking Deetlefs to all corners of the globe.

The Deetlefs Wine Estate COllection

Deetlefs Familie

Their flagship collection - Classic with a South African touch

Deetlefs Estate

Mouthfeel & Elegance- To be enjoyed with food or on its own


Fresh & Fruity - Well rounded lingering finish

In John Steinbeck’s classic novel “East of Eden” he writes about the link between land and people. Just as farmers cultivate the soil, so the earth nourishes the farmers. Deetlefs Wine Estate is situated in South Africa, at the foot of the Du Toitskloof mountains in the Breedekloof valley. As the farm and vineyards bear the indelible mark of 7 generations, the family has been shaped by the land.

Exciting, authentic, adventurous and different.

The Breedekloof’s surrounding majestic mountains, unsurpassed location, climate, rivers and varied geology all add to a unique winemaking experience.

This valley of slow-ripening vines has one of the purist water sources in South Africa, cold winters and low humidity which minimizes the use of chemicals, a late bud burst, and a long ripening period. All these factors contribute to great flavor development in grapes and award winning wines.

From small boutique wineries to family-owned Estates and large cellars.

The Breedekloof is also a natural playground offering healthy outdoor fun for mountain bikers, runners, 4×4 enthusiasts, birders and fly-fishermen.

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