Jaco Le Roux Owner of Copper Wine and Craft Spirits on the Current State of Emergency

my thoughts on the state of emergency.

jaco le roux

director, copper wines & craft distillers

Please take Note –
This is my own private opinion piece – this is not a right or a wrong these are my feelings, my thoughts and my view, and what I will be doing as a small business owner, and what I will be doing with my life following President Cyril Ramaphosa`s Nation Address last night “ officially Placing South Africa in a Natural Disaster State” and I have to say Cyril – you were brilliant you were calm, methodical, to the point and well planned and excellently executed.

Monday 16 Mar. 2020 – Day 1 – Well my day started as every other day at 05:00, the first day of speculations and fear became real “for me anyway” As a business owner I have been watching the media very closely for a number of weeks, making plans and putting actions plans in place for this day – And here it is

It feels so unreal feels like it is a fictional movie but waking up today the reality struct it is REAL. I started my daily routine but all I could think of is what now, as I went for my walk this morning the school across the road was silent no children laughing playing, the Building site further down the road looked like there was only a hand full of people. As I walked I all I could think of is what the Implications are for South Africa, what will happen if our country and Weak economy Shuts down Completely. How do I as a small business owner survive ………….. It is all I could and can think off.

As I get home and switch the kettle on for my coffee It’s all I think about. It’s all I think about as I shower and get ready for my day. It’s all I think about as I open up my laptop and start my emails. First few emails I answer still thinking about the reality of today the First day. It is 10:00 o’clock and the morning has turned out to be a blue Monday with 8 orders I have worked on for two weeks cancelled and 5 meetings postponed. My heart is beating faster my mood is well ……….. “What to do How do a Small Business Owner like myself Survive this”

It’s hard to admit and to say But I am Scared, feeling nervous about the unknown might be a better analogy. It might sound like a cliché but all I could think of doing was to go down on my knees and ask God to give me the calmness to handle the emotions, the unsurety and give me strength to carry on. I stood up and felt calm knowing
“We Can Do it we can survive this as communities as Business owners and as a Country if we stand together”


What to Do you ask? Stay calm don’t overreact. You know how you have been saying you need a few days off, well, take this time to do it. If you can and are able to Work from Home, those small things around the house you need to do and never have time DO them now, work in your garden, read those books you have been putting off. Spend quality time with your family and those close to you. Cook, Bake, and enjoy. Play games, catch up on your sleep…… See how you could be helpful to your Neighbours and friends that might need help.


Be Educated! Educate yourself with the real facts, reading panicking Facebook statuses and other uninformed social media posts must not be seen as truth or the gospel. Watch YouTube clips, read Health organisations podcasts and related post and take what resonates to you and leave the rest
Mainstream media mostly are well informed and has its place and merits. Burying your head in the sand and having the thinking ‘If you think about it, you will catch it’ is irresponsible naïve and stupid – We as communities and as Country need to work together


Panicking and Bulk Buying – Really Social Media is already being flooded with photos and post of People Panic Buying – Buy like you would normally and maybe add in or double up on the essentials and basic necessities to ensure that you don’t need to go out to the shops if not needed. Try to cut down to be in the Big malls and rather visit the smaller Shopping centres

The Future – What’s Next – That I can’t tell you, all I know is this Covid-19 is still in its infancy, and no one knows what is next or what the future holds. Just take the Steps of washing your hands, keep good Hygiene practises going, try to avoid unnecessary contact with large group of people to the minimum or avoid as far as possible
Working together and thinking of each other’s wellbeing, we will be ok, for sure do research and watch what is happening in the other countries.
Watching some of the videos posted of people around the world in countries like Portugal, Italy and Wuhan, the first signs are a basic cold, then it progresses to Flu, then moves to Pneumonia it is a progressive.
Most of us can go out and buy a month or two’s groceries in advance, some can work from home. But many others cannot let’s be educated be informed and stay safe.