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One33 Craft Distillery and Cheesery is the dream of Gerda and Rodney Milford. Being a regular visitor to St Francis Bay for 20 years and more, it was time to settle permanently in St Francis Bay.
One33 craft rum is inspired by the freshness and beauty of the Eastern Cape, and honours the Eastern Cape’s early inhabitants, its treacherous coast and its rich fauna and flora.

Rodney and Gerda’s dream is to produce quality hand crafted products, and to create a place where locals and tourists can meet and share stories over our unique range of One33 rum, and over rum and cheese tastings, have a drink in our rum pub or coffee shop, and enjoy our unique blend of street food, and enjoy the Eastern Cape.

The One33 rum range is distilled in St Francis Bay in the Eastern Cape. The rum is blended from two types of South African molasses and fermented using two types of yeast to give unique flavour and depth. The main yeast is used extensively in the Caribbean and Central America for producing quality rums, and is complemented with a red wine yeast to add fruit flavours and tones

The water used in the distillation process comes from a borehole on the distillery, drawing water from the Sand River – a unique headland dune system stretching from Oyster Bay to St Francis Bay.
The rum is small batch hand crafted, distilled using a pot still and purified in a rectifying column. The dark rum is aged in small oak barrels to give a high surface area to volume ratio, or in glass demijohns using specially charred oak chips.

The one33 range

Sea Vista Gin

One33 Sea Vista Gin has a mild flavour and aroma, which comes from hand crafted alcohol and infused with a selection of fine botanicals together with One33’s signature Khoisan Sour Fig.

One33 Sea Vista Gin is ideal for a G&T, or in a wide range of cocktails.

Autumn Gin

One33 Autumn Gin has vibrant citrus flavours and aromas which comes from hand crafted alcohol and infused with a selection of fine botanicals. One33 Autumn is ideal on the rocks, in a G&T, or as a cocktail.

white rum

One33 White is the foundation rum that is used in all the One33 products. One33 White is a smooth, light bodied rum, slightly sweet in flavour with subtle tones of molasses. After distillation, One33 White is settled in glass caskets for 21 days.

One33 White can be enjoyed on the rocks and is a popular choice for rum cocktails, like Mojito, Daiquiri or Cuba Libre. One33 White can also be mixed with a range of mixers.

dark rum

Using One33 White, One33 Dark is aged in small Virginian oak barrels. One33 Dark has a rich textured finish that appeals to both rum and whiskey drinkers. One33 Dark can be enjoyed on the rocks or in rum cocktails, like Mai Thi, Rum Punch, Sangaree and Pina Colada. One33 Dark can also be mixed with a range of mixers.

black rum

One33 Black is a mixed spirit using One33 White that is aged in small Virginian oak barrels, and is blended with a fortified wine based spirit. One33 Black is refreshing and is slightly sweet with a full balance of flavour and aromas. One33 Black is best enjoyed on the rocks, or can also be mixed with a range of mixers.