Battlefield Corngold Whisky


Battlefields’ Corngold™ whisky is made in the Tennessee tradition from maize on open fires and filtered through charcoal produced from local woods in the area. The whisky is twice distilled before it is aged for at least three years in roasted 4th fill oak barrels from the red wine industry.

Their Whisky is produced on a small batch basis with no blending of outside whiskies. Corngold™ can be described as a single grain unblended craft whisky filtered and aged to ensure a smooth product with mellow and smoky tones.

Corngold™ whisky is aged in roasted red wine barrels to create a proper drinking whisky. Enjoy it neat or with your favourite mix. This whisky is produced for the serious whisky drinker.

* Limited quantity available as barrels are released with Quality First

Bottle size: 750

Alcohol %: 43

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Weight 1.2 kg