Duke Copper – Barrel Aged

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When the green slopes of Summerfields makes way for footpaths coloured with autumn leaves, the time has come to pack away our beloved Gin and pull closer those that warm you from the inside.

Enter, Duke Copper, barrel-aged Gin complex enough so that the Whisky bottle can keep on waiting. By aging our flagship product for 6 months in Port barrels we ended up with a drink meant to be sipped and savored. A contemporary style, barrel aged Gin that is round on the palate with a woody backbone. The finish is warm and sweet, the litchi flavour definitely not lost.

The barrels used here lend a rich, fruity character as well as a hint of whisky like flavours like vanilla and caramel. The result is a spirit that can be enjoyed neat or on ice.

Copper is the perfect example of challenging the status quo, you never know you might just stumble upon something great, authentic, farm-to-bottle, triple distilled and Navy Strength (56% ABV).

So now that you have something with all the botanical flavours of Gin, plus a honey colour and notes of wood and vanilla, it can be hard to know what to do with aged Gins, but the truth is it’s entirely up to you.

Copper Gin is 56% ABV, and bottled in 500ml bottles.

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Copper Wines Discount 1 - 999 5% %
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