Duke Zero – Non-Alcoholic Gin

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The same master distiller that brought you the exotically fragrant Duke Gin with its traditional and tropical botanicals. Gradually infused during distillation to produce a balance between sweet, fresh hints or rose, ginger and honey, and grounded, earthy tones of juniper berries and macadamia – now presents Duke Zero, the “No Sin Gin”.

Same authenticity, same botanicals, farm-to-bottle, column distilled for a discerning drinker with 0% ABV.

Duke Zero is made without alcohol, tried and tested to give you the same sensory pleasures, yet without any intoxicating effects.

When you are the designated driver or without bigger challenges tomorrow, rather get drunk on love’ or ‘drunk on excitement’, delight in nature, in the world, in the everyday things we see around us all the time but seldom stop to appreciate. Go beyond the slopes of Summerfields Estate and its bountiful litchi orchards nestled between stretches of lush subtropical vegetation and I think you will find that “eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it” – Norman Maclean.

Duke Zero Gin is 0% ABV, and bottled in 500ml bottles.

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