Frutz Chilli Passion


The Frutz range consists of perfectly balanced flavours created and crafted by selecting the finest natural ingredients and premium triple distilled Vodka, by infusing fresh fruit pulp or adding fruit flavours. Infused with fresh Passion Fruit  and Chilli pulp which creates a rich flavour with a sweet and tangy taste.  Enjoy neat or in a refreshing cocktail.

Frutz is an original Fresh Fruit Liqueur infused with a very high quality triple distilled Vodka. Launched in 2016 this product is taking South Africa by storm. Unique and rich in flavour. Frutz is a must have. Started of with the somewhat sweet and sour taste of PASSION FRUIT and continuously innovating…into much more. . From humble beginnings Frutz has become a favourite bringing people of all ages together. Enjoyable as an ice cold shot, a refreshing cocktail, a don pedro, over ice cream or as a cooler, mixed with Lemonade, soda water or your favourite mixer. Our mission is to keep a very high quality standard and only use natural fresh fruit as a base to all our products. So enjoy your bottle of FRUTZ and join the natural way of innovation. Bottled and made in South Africa.

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Weight 1.2 kg