Unoaked Chardonnay


True to our style the Unoaked Chardonnay remains a light wine with clean lines and pure fruit flavours with a typical Overberg minerality. As an unoaked Chardonnay this is quite an aromatic wine, showing floral notes of Frangipani, sweet alyssum and even orange blossoms and surprisingly a hint of orange sponge cake.
A dynamic palette with a grippy, bramley apple acidity and wet pebble minerality.
Being a lighter wine it is easily enjoyed as an aperitif or as a “sundowner”, but pairing it with food is a breeze.
Serving it at 10°C and with ceviche of fish or sushi is a real winner. It also doesn’t shy away from lightly spicy dishes or soups and it goes great with a chicken salad and a main fish dish.

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